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  2. Thank you so much to all of you for your very appreciated help and the time spent to answer me that way. Great team.
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  4. Yes..It shows it on TOS, which Sosnoff is no longer involved in,,but he did play a part in creating it. I do not have, or use the new TastyWorks platform but, it is a big, fat number, right on the top of the screen, whenever you bring up a symbol. Maybe you can sign up and get it for free. I don't know. I do know that does everything. it is either built into some of their products,. Or, you can adjust it to what you want to see (i.e. whatever time period you want to go back for the results). Best of all, they do this for commodities futures options, which is what I mostly trade because, many commodities, such as crude,and gold, for example, will provide a much higher level of premium to collect, as a seller, than most stocks and etf's. You will never collect 2/3 of the distance between strikes on a 45 day, or less butterfly in stocks, or etf's, unless there has been a large spike in IV. Even at middle of the historical range of IV, in commodities, without any spike, collecting 2/3 of the distance between strikes on a "fly" is almost the norm. And they lose value, even on options that are 45-60 days out, at the kind of pace that much shorter term stock options in stocks and etf's do. I would advise you to take a look at gold and crude. They are as liquid as anything you can find, and provide very large amount of premiums , if you are seller.
  5. According to the story, the trader has consistently purchased bite-sized chunks - usually costing around 50 cents - of options contracts betting on a spike in the the CBOE Volatility Index. Also known as the VIX, the gauge is a measure of expected price swings in US equities that serves as a barometer for investor nervousness. It generally climbs as stocks fall, so purchases of VIX contracts translate to bearish wagers on the S&P 500. On a year-to-date basis, that persistence has resulted in a whopping $197 million mark-to-market loss for 50 Cent, according to data compiled by Macro Risk Advisors (MRA). The firm reports that the trader has spent a total of $208 million on VIX bets, only to see the majority of them expire worthless. Despite the dogged effort exhibited throughout 2017, 50 Cent seems to be losing steam. After reaching a maximum outstanding position of more than 1 million contracts over the summer, the infamous volatility vigilante currently only has about 200,000 in play, MRA says. Background The CBOE Volatility Index® (VIX® Index®) is a key measure of market expectations of near-term volatility conveyed by S&P 500 stock index option prices. Considered by many a "Fear Index", the VIX represents one measure of the market's expectation of stock market volatility over the next 30-day period. VIX cannot be traded directly. However, traders can trade VIX futures and VIX options and also some other VIX related products, like VXX. So what you can do when you believe VIX is cheap? You can buy some calls or call spreads on VIX futures, betting that VIX will go up. After all, when VIX is at 10-11, how much lower can it go? Here is the problem: since you buy options on VIX futures, not VIX, those futures will usually be priced higher than the spot. If the spot is 11, the futures can still trade around 13-14 or even higher. However, over time, if VIX is stable, the future will drift lower, causing those calls or call spreads to slowly bleed money. This is exactly what happened to 50 cent trader. To be fair, 2017 was a very challenging year for volatility traders. VIX stayed at historically low levels much longer than anyone could reasonably predict (see the chart above). It spent most of the year around 10-11 levels. This is unprecedented. Trades that worked very well in previous years stopped working in 2017. This is why it is so important to adapt to continuously changing market conditions and not stay stagnant.
  6. @Brice, have a look on the page ( ). Just quickly plugged the IV rank back and did a reload. Also compared a few values with optionalpha: Not perfectly identical but reasonably close. You can filter and sort on the column and create a 'max IV rank' scanner. Happy if this can help your need.
  7. I would recommend ThinkOrSwim to display charts of IV Rank or IV Percentile etc. I have some custom TOS scripts to display the bottom chart, i can share the script if you want. You might open a paper trade account or a live account to have real time data (need to put a little bit of money to open the account but i only have $50 there). You can also create watchlist of tickers and add a IVR/IVP column also. I also have IV percentile (which is a variation of IV Rank) on the scanner of as well supported for about 1300 stocks (scanner exclude stocks with low option volume), but i think TOS is still better for the charting, analysis etc and it's mostly free.
  8. Hi Brice, welcome! I actually had it included on the upcoming earnings page on for some time. But the figure obviously did not provoke much interest in this context, so I took it out (short sellers like to see it). I would be ok to put it back, the list is three months into the future, so most stocks you will have in there (though it possibly would make more sense to add it in a extra section).
  9. Since the IV Rank was developed by Tom Sosnoff, you can find it on Thinkorswim (from TD Ameritrade) or Tastyworks, both being owned and developed under the control of Tom. Rob
  10. Hello everybody! Before entering a trade, we all know that the IV is a key point. And it looks like the IV RANK is a critical data to do so. 100 x (the current IV level - the 52 week IV low) / (the 52 week IV high - 52 week IV low) = IV Rank Do someone call tell me is there is any web site or service which allow us to check which is the IV RANK of a determined stock or ETF? I know that Option alpha is an option, buy the number of Stocks/ETF is very limited. So you know any other one? Many thanks in advance for your kind help. Brice
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  12. Brokers and commissions

    The exchanges compete for order flow by giving rebates to brokers/clearing firms.
  13. Brokers and commissions

    [oops, should be "their" business model] That's the first I've heard of order flow rebate; where are those $ coming from?
  14. Brokers and commissions

    Business model is the same as Tradier, the largest revenue comes from the rebate for order flow. All US brokers receive this but do their best to hide it. Those that outsource the front end platform technology can have an extremely lucrative model without charging commissions.
  15. Brokers and commissions

    Saw that as well and i'm on the waitlist for both the options and web platform as i'm already using Robinhood for my 'fun' account.
  16. Brokers and commissions

    OK; then I guess it depends on what the additional cost for a decent is.
  17. Brokers and commissions -interest on cash -monthly subscription fees for optional additional features (unknown what optional features there will be for options at the moment)
  18. Brokers and commissions

    They have API trading coming.. My guess is that they will try to do what tradier is doing.. Sell other trading platform integrations for more serious investors..
  19. Brokers and commissions

    Sounds too good to be true. What could there business model be?
  20. Brokers and commissions

    That is a darn shame!
  21. Brokers and commissions

    They don't support futures or commodities at the moment, so I doubt they'll support options on them.
  22. Brokers and commissions

    Do they offer this for commodities,and futures options as well.
  23. Brokers and commissions

    Interesting. Robinhood just today announced that they will be offering free option trading next year. -no commissions and no exercise/assignment fees (probably still passing down the other fees though, clearing, orf, etc) -support for level 2 and level 3 option strategies (should work for the majority of SO trades) -free real time data They're also slowly releasing a web/desktop version of their platform so by the time options are available, the web/desktop version should be available as well. Not exactly clear what the entire user interface will look like at the moment though. (Probably can't be any more spartan than Tradier's web interface) I think Robinhood uses Apex clearing (which Tradier also uses) for stocks, which means they'll probably use them for options as well. Anyways, could be something worth looking into when it's available.
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  25. Trade Iron Condors Like Never Before

    We aim for 7% gains, so our stop loss is 10%.
  26. Trade Iron Condors Like Never Before

    hi then we would keep losses at 1.5 of the credit received ? or if we receive a credit of 200$ we exit if we have loss o about 230 $ thanks
  27. Brokers and commissions

    Thanks really do appreciate it, gives a data point,,, not terribly high cost I dont think ?
  28. Brokers and commissions

    Sorry for misleading earlier, but after looking a little closer, I noticed there were more non-SO trades in this account the first half of the year than I realized. That skewed the numbers a bit, so I isolated only SO-related trades from July 1st to today. For those trades, my commissions were 1.6% of require margin (Reg-T).
  29. Brokers and commissions

    Thanks, maybe someone will also comment. I think the REG T margin .7 percent maybe most useful , seems very good and low, lets assume you follow SO and your account performs within a few percentage points of the community, one can assume another 1.0 percent is spent on commission ( leave out the subscription fees and data for now) thanks very much
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