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  2. Tradier Brokerage Special Offer

    UPDATE: I got a further email from Tradier yesterday, and it looks like they are now running a trial program with some countries so I may be able to sign up after all. What platform do people generally use around here with the Tradier service?
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  5. Karen The Supertrader: Myth Or Reality?

    Thank you Kim for pointing that out, risk sizing is so often overlooked. I really hurt myself early on taking too much risk and not understanding that I was doing so, and I got away with it for a few trades thinking I was a genius but then got hit hard and lost all of my gains and then some.
  6. Pre-earnings Momentum Trade in Netflix

    Worked this cycle as well. 40 delta calls opened a week ago would be up 25-30% by now.
  7. Tradier Brokerage Special Offer

    Well, not sure if it is how I presented my case, but I was told they are not offering accounts outside the US at the moment. I suggested I could open a US based LLC, but they were also not willing to open an account in that case. Looks like (at least I) will have to wait until they offer accounts outside of the US.
  8. Karen The Supertrader: Myth Or Reality?

    Yes, it might to pop up if the risk is such that it can completely blow up the account and put the broker at risk of losing money. Maybe in this case it was not to such degree, but was enough to lose 30-40% which is still huge for the clients, but the broker doesn't really care.
  9. Karen The Supertrader: Myth Or Reality?

    I hear you on the above, especially when it comes to Risk...everyone has different definition. I didn't mean to make it seem like Tom was tracking her or was quoting her risk from his was TD in general similar to any other brokerage (Etrade, etc.) when a retail investor puts on huge risk it pops in their metrics. Just so happened Tom seen this as well b/c he was still working with them (TD) in the early years when he begun tasty trades. Did he use her later on to promote tasty...probably
  10. Official Thread

    Just fyi, i implemented a crude earning feed page to track when a stock earning date is confirmed. Obviously it's not exactly what you asked, but it's a step in that direction.
  11. Karen The Supertrader: Myth Or Reality?

    As mentioned in the article: She did NOT make 105 million in profits as TastyTrade claims. That number includes money from new investors. So yes, she still made good returns before the fraud started, this is not the point. As for Tom Sosnoff "monitoring" her - 2 points: First, maybe when he was monitoring her, she was taking less risk and started to take more risk later. Second, everyone has a different definition of risk. I watched Tom Sosnoff recommending selling naked strangles before earnings on stocks like NFLX and AMZN. To me, this is insane. To him, this is acceptable.
  12. Karen The Supertrader: Myth Or Reality?

    I have to somewhat disagree here on her results or maybe need some argument against this. Yes, later it was determined when losses piled in she committed fraud from an accounting perspective...books and records? But till this day, Tom Sosnoff noted (leaving aside all the fraud, etc. she committed), when still with TD, seen what she was doing and profit/losses wise in the beginning and tracked her b/c of the risk she took on and noted she literally did turn 100K into big time money. You can't fake that in the trading applicatoin, yes on books and records with shady account you can cover up losess, but he seen her trading first hand b/c her risk hit an alert on their side where she needed to be tracked and what am I missing here from the pure trading point?
  13. Tradier Brokerage Special Offer

    Thanks Stanislav, I wrote to them today. Do they have a platform or should I use their service with a 3rd party platform? (provided they will allow me to subscribe)
  14. Thanks all for the tips 'n tricks guys. Installed the app, took pictures (it was brand new, I didn't even had time to do that), so I should be good now.
  15. Thanks i just installed the app, a nice backup to that card !
  16. Better alternative: they have an app in the app stores that the client will request you to click on 'yes, login' in order to login. Would highly recommend this over an unencrypted digital picture of your card.
  17. I suggest you to scan it, and have it on the phone, not the most secure method, but you'll have it when you need it.
  18. @Kim, Thanks for clarifying. Of course I found my security code card now.
  19. 1. No because it is different strikes and expiration. 2. One per leg (so two total). 3. No. I think it might become an issue if you do it too often, but once in a while shouldn't be a big deal.
  20. Hi @Kim, @Yowster, Today I encountered the PDT rule. Actually it was very stupid. I lost my security code card but I was still logged on. After searching I couldn't find it and I decided to close my positions to avoid risk. I read a lot and it's clear it's allowed to only to have 3 daytrades in 5 business days.. Still I have following questions: 1. What's not clear to me is opening a straddle and selling a strangle on 1 day, is that considered a daytrade? 2. If I open and close a straddle on the same day. Is that one or two daytrades( 2 because of the legs) 3. I just had to request PDT reset, is that a big issue? (except 5 days not able to trade?)
  21. Rappert's straddle forecasting charts

    Brian's book is very good at explaining how to model earnings volatility. But there are no easy recipes there - one needs to put a lot of effort into developing a volatility model, calibrating it, finding proper ways to use it e.t.c. Excel spreadsheets that accompany the book can be of some help for SO straddles strategy, but they require a lot of user input. So, at least for now I am too lazy to try to use and apply them to calc pre-earnings straddles+strangles. My attention is focused at other things. Overall, I think it may be a good investment of time to read and study Brian's book, especially if you plan to develop your own option calculators/scripts/software that helps to automate the decision process.
  22. Brokers and commissions

    This is what has been causing my problem. I have always upgraded using the "Offline" choice. At some point, one of their tech guys walked me through this,and told me to do it this way. He implied that you were getting a different (better?) version by going this route. But, he neglected to tell me that I will no longer receive "auto-updates"
  23. Brokers and commissions

    Offline TWS The offline installer contains everything needed to install and run the selected TWS version. The Offline installation will not update automatically. If a new version of TWS is published, you will need to manually download and install the Offline program again. If you prefer to have TWS auto-update, install one of the updating versions above.
  24. Brokers and commissions

    @cuegis the standalone version does not auto-upgrade. So just google "TWS latest download" and download that script. It auto-upgrades everytime you run TWS.
  25. Brokers and commissions

    I go to their site, then go to "Trading", "TWS Platform", Then choose download "offline" latest version. Are you doing something different, or going to a different part of their site?
  26. Brokers and commissions

    I downloaded the "Latest TWS" script from IB webpage. It automatically checks and updates every time you start up TWS.
  27. Brokers and commissions

    Honestly...I don't even know. I have been with them for 20+years and I don't know. I know that TOS (which I don't use) updates everytime you login. Do you know how I can check the settings to make sure I get auto updates? Because I know that I am not getting them. I assume it is under "settings" somewhere"?
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