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  5. Google search for IV rank gives the following result - IV rank is our favorite volatility measure at tastytrade. IV rank simply tells us whether implied volatility is high or low in a specific underlying based on the past year of IV data. For example, if XYZ has had an IV between 30 and 60 over the past year and IV is currently at 45, XYZ would have an IV rank of 50%. Since all underlyings have unique IV ranges, stating an arbitrary IV number does not help us decide how we should proceed with a strategy. The problem with basing trades on IV rank is that IV is usually high for a reason. You cannot just say "we sell options based on high IV rank". In many cases (like NFLX) stocks move more than implied by options, so selling options based on IV rank in those cases is not a prudent move.
  6. Hi, i am a bit confused about stock IV rank and options IV rank. I have never seen options IV rank before, what is it? In the article above i read:" ....very high IV rank of NFLX options before earnings ". Thanks Franc
  7. Thanks for your reply... InteractiveBroker's customer support is helpless; instead I had to put a custom order.
  8. It happened to me a few times when I used Webtrader. Sometimes restarting Webtrader worked and sometimes building a different spread and then cancelling and trying the original worked. When that didn't work I had to open TWS and send the order that way. I eventually got fed up and don't use Webtrader anymore.
  9. A question on InteractiveBroker trade execution : I am trying to close a RHT April 28 / Mar 31 $85 put calendar... however, when I try to place the order to: Sell Apr 21 $85 put Buy Mar 31 $85 put ... webtrader does not allow me to do it for a "credit", only "debit". In order to find a shortcut, I tried to place a negative debit order (ie: debit: -$0.4) but IB webtrader says that the amount must be positive. What am I doing wrong? No matter what I try it always appears as a debit.... and I obviously ainm for a credit as it shows a 35% profit. Thanks
  10. Well, the ORCL phenomena is really interesting as it happened almost every cycle. The VIX is a little bit less predictable.
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  12. I would think so. I haven't verified this in Webtrader or TWS yet.
  13. I'm assuming that whatever you have subscribed to for your home PC is the same data that you would receive if you were out using your android?
  14. Currently have the new value bundle and the OPRA subscription. On the mobile app the indices (RUT, VIX, etc) show as realtime and all the stock quotes are delayed. The delayed quotes are yellow. So that leads me to believe that the indices quotes are still streaming. I was surprised at this myself.
  15. I thought that the $4.50 addition was what they asked you to do to continue with "streaming"
  16. I elected to go the route of snapshots when I need them because it ends up capped at a 1.50 per exchange (4.50 total). If I end up hitting the cap consistently I'll switch. Couldn't bring my self to pay for streaming when it was free before for right now. Index quotes are still streaming if I understood it correctly. I'm subscribed to the new bundle and OPRA Top of Book subscription. The OPRA fee is waived with 20 dollars activity. This seemed to work fine this past week when I switched I mostly trade on IB mobile during the day and have access to Fidelity quotes so streaming quotes aren't really really important to me.
  17. Depending on the number of offshore investors that are interested (and their are quite a few), it's looking like I'll have a onshore/offshore fund. There's two possibilities for that: 1. Traditional Master-Feeder structure - we'll create an offshore company, LP, or unit trust (depending on jurisdiction) as well as a US limited partnership. Those two will be feeders into an offshore limited partnership. Which jurisdiction that is in depends on our broker. 2. Annuity structure -- if we use the annuity structure it may get outside the realm of what people who traditionally invest in hedge funds are used to (purchasing an interest in a limited partnership), but it has some significant tax advantages for us. I'm still working with the lawyers who know even more than me on this, but it looks like for our foreign members we could defer all taxes on an investment in it until they cash out. I think we may be able to get that to apply to our US investors as well. This is not a for sure thing yet, I have to go to New York and meet with a group that forms them this way in a couple of months. BUT if it did work, it may be difficult to turn down this structure -- the tax advantages would just be to high not too. So the short answer is, we're not 100% sure yet, but we're working on it in the background for when/if the Beta is successful. Either way it will be able to accommodate investors from outside of the US -- even if we go the simplest route and just set up a US Limited Partnership we could still take investors from outside the US, we'd just have to go over tax with holdign with them all.
  18. It seems that way. I guess we have no choice
  19. Yes , the $4.50 choice, along with what we already have, is on the first page (North America) in the top left corner. I think it is the first choice on the page. This is what I added. It did say "options" in there somewhere. So, if you choose the 2 that you listed, then everything will continue as it always has?
  20. U.S. Securities Snapshot & Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professional s - identical to the bundled service being terminated except that the streaming BATS exchange quotes will be replaced by a "snapshot quote". Here, the user elects when to update the quote and refresh the display with the current NBBO inclusive of the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges. The monthly fee for this service is USD 10 (waived if commissions of at least USD 30 are generated during the month) plus USD 0.01 for each snapshot requested. Note that the snapshot portion of the fee is not subject to waiver, regardless of commissions, but is capped at USD 1.50 per month by exchange.2 NYSE (Network A/CTA), AMEX (Network B/CTA) and/or NASDAQ (Network C/UTP) - clients may elect to subscribe to live streaming level 1 quote feeds from the NYSE, AMEX and/or NASDAQ at a cost of USD 1.50 each per month (not subject to waiver). If subscribed to the U.S. Securities Snapshot & Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professional s service, any of the individual exchange feeds also selected would serve to provide a live feed in lieu of the snapshot quote for that exchange. If not subscribed to the U.S. Securities Snapshot &Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professional s service, live quotes will only be available for stocks listed on the individual exchange feeds selected and delayed quotes, rather than snapshot quotes, will be provided for stocks listed on the other exchanges. Clients seeking live quote for all NMS stocks will need to subscribe to each of the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ services at a combined monthly cost of USD 4.50. These are the changes and IMPACT to continue ..... I may go with it.
  21. What , if any, changes did/are you going to make?
  22. I did receive it
  23. Have all of the IB customers received the email last night (Mar 17) informing us that we have to change our data feed subscriptions by April 1, 2017, otherwise we are going to be defaulted to 20 minute delayed quotes? With each quote being a "snapshot" of a moment in time and no longer "streaming" info? I was not 100% sure what I needed to do but, I added a $4.50 package that appears to turn the delayed data back into real-time streaming data. I think that was the correct choice, but I just wanted to hear from others
  24. as a non US investor Beta phase is off limits for me. Say it goes well whats is the planned the structure of the fund? a US mutual fund, a LLC, ETF ... ?
  25. Last call on anyone who wants to participate in the Beta phase. For those that I'm in communication with, thank you for your participating. For anyone else who wants to participate, I REALLY need your paperwork by the end of next week at the latest (unless I've talked to you about your individual situation already). If you're on the fence about participating in Beta and have any questions or concerns feel free to post them here or email either Jesse or myself.
  26. @yanoshi - Yes, the only way you would get assigned when half the time is still left is if the trade is a huge loser. People sometimes fear assignment risk, but it really only comes into play if the option is so deep ITM that there is zero time value left. If you would happen to get assigned on an option that still has time value left, then that would be a good thing as you would essentially get to keep the money associated with the time value.
  27. That's true, I would probably only get assigned at expiration, or close to it as there is little to no time value left. That is all fine as stated in my original post that my intention was to hold this synthetic short position until expiry. I was just asking about being assigned well before expiry, say when it still has 50% of its time left to expire.
  28. @yanoshiThe only way you are going to get assigned if there is basically zero time value left, so there will be no time value in the calls you are selling beyond a penny or two. So lets say you go short the same strike & expiry again and use the proceeds to cover your short stock. Guess what, you are extremely likely to get assigned again (probably the next day) because the same reason you got assigned the first time will happen again - no time value left in your short call. If you want to remain short you will either have to stay short with the stock as a result of the assignment, or (if you want to have a synthetic short via the options) buy back the short stock at a big loss and construct you new synthetic short using options that are at ATM strikes.
  29. If I was assigned early, I would technically be keeping the small time value that's left. if I were to cover my now short position at a loss, and then sell the same calls with the same expiry and strike, I would be receiving an amount essentially equal to the amount I lost from covering, Plus the time value portion of the calls I just sold. So doesn't it all workout well in the end?
  30. @yanoshiIf you would sell the same calls again with the same strike & expiry you would very likely just get assigned again (since the calls would have basically all intrinsic value and no time premium). But note that after this assignment, your synthetic short has turned into a real short position since you will be short the actual stock. So, if you want to continue the short you would have two options: Just stay short the stock and don't do anything further with short calls. Of course, you would likely be paying margin interest on the short stock. Buy back your short stock at a large loss, and then re-establish the synthetic short using the current ATM strikes.
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