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  1. Yesterday
  2. I got to test out the new tradier dash and using Rho. For the Rho app, when I created a multileg order, it doesn’t seem to have the mid price for the whole trade, but it does on dash. Anyone know if Rho would be able to show the mid and how to set it up?
  3. Thank you @aamaot and @luxmon for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate your help. I was able to create text message notifications in tradehawk. This is super helpful.
  4. All brokers have technical issues. It has been fully resolved at this point and they acknowledge it was an issue. They will be following up with an email, but I have had WAY worse experiences with IB, LightSpeed, eOption and SpeedTrader, so let's keep it in context.
  5. Tradier is hot garbage this morning. As much of a pain it is, I've found it's best to diversify across several brokerage houses and use each for their unique advantages.
  6. I am currently having issues placing trades on Tradier. I called Tradier, and they are having system issues. For my purposes, I don't think Tradier is any better than Robinhood and IB combo I was using. I thinking I'm going back to RH and IB.
  7. SBatch

    Tradier Brokerage Special Offer

    The new "Dash" view on Tradier is definitely cleaner. Choose in the upper right corner of the web interface.
  8. The new "Dash" view on Tradier is definitely cleaner. Choose in the upper right corner of the web interface.
  9. I've been playing with the tradier web via mobile and robinhood app. Robinhood is no interactive brokers (my favorite trading app) when it comes to function, but order entry is faster than tradier and you get instant alerts on fills, canceled orders etc
  10. While not exactly the solution you (and I) are looking for, the TradeHawk platform will send you an SMS text message when an order fills so at least you are aware of that. You can then use Rho to work any orders you have placed that haven't filled. But unfortunately (along with lack of notifications in the current version) I've found Rho is really no better than the Tradier web app at creating order tickets of multi-legged spreads.
  11. I like basic. Basic is good, but I will need some sort of trade alert or notification on my phone because I can’t sit in front of my computer all day. Without the notifications, I may not be able to use Tradier. Does anyone know whether tradehawk is rolling out a mobile app anytime soon?
  12. Last week
  13. Rho is very basic. I don't think it's that great. No alerts. You can try it for free with your Tradier account.
  14. Is anyone using Rho to manage trades opened in Tradehawk? If so, how do you like it? Does it give you alerts when trades are filled? Thanks.
  15. Manish71

    Email subject handling to easily manage mails

    You can open a separate Gmail account for steady options. In the email list itself you can see which emails are trades and which are discussions. You can open the trade emails only.
  16. Index and Market Indicator Catalog Symbol Groupings 52-week Highs and Lows for Exchanges An indicator group that covers new 52-week highs, lows and net new highs for five major exchanges (AMEX, CDNX, Nasdaq, NYSE, and TSE). This article defines the various sources and explains the different methodologies. Examples: NYSE New 52-week Highs from StockCharts ($NYHGH), NYSE New 52-week Highs from Dow Jones ($NYHGHDJ) and new highs from the scan engine. Advance Decline Indicators for Exchanges An indicator group that covers advances, declines, net advances, advancing volume, declining volume and net advancing volume for five major stock exchanges (AMEX, CDNX, Nasdaq, NYSE, and TSE). Examples: NYSE Advance-Decline Issues ($NYAD), $Nasdaq Advance-Decline Volume ($NAUD). Bloomberg Commodity Indices An index series that covers individual commodities and commodity groups. Examples: Bloomberg Energy Subindex ($BCOMEN), Bloomberg Industrial Metals Subindex ($BCOMIN). CBOE Indices and Indicators A group of index symbols based on options. These include buywrite indices, volatility indices, and put-call ratios. Examples: DJIA Buywrite Index ($BXD), Crude Oil Volatility Index ($OVX), Nasdaq 100 Volatility Index ($VXN).
  17. The same diversification benefits that would apply to owning the equities outright via ETF's should transfer over to put writing, and all of these products have a highly liquid options market. In this post, we'll look at a simple backtest that includes SPY, IWM, EFA, and EEM from 2007-2018. The weights and parameters will be as follows: SPY: 30% IWM: 20% EFA: 37.5% EEM: 12.5% This roughly correlates with current global cap weighting, with an overweight to small cap in the US. The put selling parameters are simple as well: 30 DTE entry, held until expiration, selling the strike closest to 50 delta (roughly at the money). Results are net of transaction cost assumptions for both commissions and slippage, and options are assumed to be fully collateralized with 1 Month US T-Bills. Option backtests were done with the ORATS Wheel, which comes with a free trial. It's a great tool that I highly recommend for those interested in backtesting option strategies, which otherwise can be quite a challenge. I then uploaded the data to Portfolio Visualizer to be able to simulate a portfolio inclusive of T-bill collateral yield. Hypothetical Results: (Portfolio 1 represents our put write portfolio. Portfolio 2 represents holding the ETF's directly in the same weights, with monthly rebalancing): Results are hypothetical, and do not represent performance that any investor actually attained. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results. During this 12 year period we see a nice improvement in risk-adjusted returns with our put write portfolio relative to owning the ETF's directly. A shallower drawdown during the 2007-2009 GFC, roughly 35% less portfolio volatility, and even a slight overall improvement in total return. During a tough 2018, the put write portfolio would have been down about half as much as the ETF portfolio (-5.5% vs. -10.6%). This outcome is similar to what can generally be seen when studying CBOE's PUT (S&P 500 put write) and PUTR (Russell 2000 put write) historical index data which extends back much further. For example, PUT historical data starts in 1986, allowing investors to analyze over 3 decades of hypothetical put writing performance. Conclusion Options are an incredibly versatile asset that can be used to strengthen an overall portfolio in many ways. The volatility risk premium, which largely explains the positive performance of put writing, is not something we should expect to go away for the same reasons we don't expect the equity risk premium to go away. Both can be thought of as having an intuitive risk-based explanation. Retail and professional traders could likely improve their long term equity allocations by incorporating put writing into their investment process. Jesse Blom is a licensed investment advisor and Vice President of Lorintine Capital, LP. He provides investment advice to clients all over the United States and around the world. Jesse has been in financial services since 2008 and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Working with a CFP® professional represents the highest standard of financial planning advice. Jesse has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Oral Roberts University. Jesse manages the Steady Momentum service, and regularly incorporates options into client portfolios.
  18. Kim

    Email subject handling to easily manage mails

    Once the topic is created, it has the title. Changing it would be very confusing for members.
  19. siddharth310584

    Email subject handling to easily manage mails

    for(2). the subject doesn't differentiate though. What I want is for new topics and trades to come to my inbox while the rest go to a folder I can peruse later. Given the subject is the same, I cant create a filter.
  20. Kim

    Email subject handling to easily manage mails

    1) I'm not sure this is feasible, might cause a lot of confusion. All Trades emails are time sensitive. 2) Every topic has a title, same one for new topics and replies, but the email says if it's a new topic or a reply.
  21. Hi @Kim, @Sbatch and @Yowster. I am trying to create a set of email filters so I can filter out the time sensitive alerts to the ones that I can read at the end of the day for educational purposes. To this end, I have a few asks: 1) I get the trades mail with the ones "Trades" in the subject so that helps. Would it be possible to add the portfolio "SO, TO, PV" in those too. I see TreasuryOptions is added, but the others arent 2) Is it possible to get a seperate subject when a topic is created. Right now, I cant distinguish a topic creation to a comment is added on a topic. For example, I would have liked to get the DG topic created subject differently today so i can then react and place my own trade based on the thesis. I got to know the topic was created much later only filtering through everything else. Thanks for all your help.
  22. I can add that task to my todo list. No eta though.
  23. Kim

    January 2019 Performance Analysis

    Bill Ackman is making a comeback with his hedge fund up more than 24% so far this year - I'm wondering about all those people who withdrew money from the fund after couple not so great years. They must feel like complete morons now...
  24. @Djtux I realize you're probably inundated with requests with this tool, but would it be possible in the scanner to report the total open interest in the weekly expiration series?
  25. cwelsh

    How To Trade Options Successfully

    I actually do another entire entry for closing a trade -- so it's the same information (though obviously not the close by date). So it may look like: 1/1/2019 BTO 10 ABC Feb 1 2018 Put 2 contracts $1.00 etc 1/30/2019 STC 10 ABC Feb 1 2018 Put 2 contracts $-1.00 etc
  26. @pboongird Thanks for your message. I have added MDB. You know that you can easily display the current line only by double clicking on the legend entry for that line? Doing another single click on another line will add that line back to the graph as well (here the average as an example).
  27. @Christof+ - I have one request on your RV graph... I am wondering if it would be possible for you to help adjust the size of the line graph of the next expiry cycle to be a bit bigger/thicker? For example, it would be similar to the one highlighted in yellow below. Currently, only the Average RV line get all the attention (bold) but the cycle that should get our attention the most is very difficult to see. It doesn't need to be as thick as the Average line but should be a bit thinker or highlighted so we don't have to strain our eyes? It would be even better if you could have a big dot at its tail as a current time mark so we can easily see where the price is currently. It would be a great help to someone like myself that already have to wear a prescription glass all my life. Thank you for your consideration. B-) PS. could you please add MDB to your database as well?
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