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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I see there are multiples questions about the website, i figure i will create a dedicated thread to answer all of them. Link to the website : (you need to create an account first). For members of this forum, there is a 50% forever coupon is SO5018Q4 and must be redeemed by Dec, 31th 2018. The 50% discount will be applied for as long as you keep your subscription (please make sure to update your credit card if it expires). FAQ: How can i contact you for support questions ? How much do you charge ? Why are you not using paypal ? How can i cancel the subscription ? Is there a documentation ? I'm not clear how to interpret the charts. Why is the website not free anymore ? I would like to see X feature to be implemented ? Can you do it ? Where are you getting your data ? Can i share a screenshot of the charts from on SteadyOptions forum ? Do you charge sales tax ?
  2. wlnoronha


    I try to access the website this morning and for my surprise now it is a paid service. That is ok, I consider this web service a valuable tool. The only payment method accepted is credit card and i really don't like doing cc payment through the net. Why don't you guys consider PayPal?