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We are pleased to offer the following bundles to our members:

All Services Bundle

This bundles includes subscription to all services, and all new services that we offer will be automatically included at no extra cost. You also get OptionNET Explorer Software for 12 months with the Yearly Bundle (~$600 value). Conditions apply - click here for details.

Lorintine Bundle

This bundle includes subscription to Anchor, PutWrite and Simple Spreads. All those services are run by Lorintine.

2 Years Subscription

  • We are pleased to offer a 33% discount to members who sign for 2 years term. The price for 2 years SteadyOptions subscription is only $1,995, via wire transfer, check or PayPal family and friends. Contact us if you are interested and we will provide you with wire transfer details or mailing address to send the check. Please note that this promotion cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • The 2 years subscription can be applied to more services as following: $2,795 for 2 services bundle and $3,995 for all services bundle.

2 Services Bundle

Get any 2 services at discounted price. After subscribing, please let us know which 2 services you are interested in. You will be eligible to switch to another service once per term. You also get OptionNET Explorer Software for 6 months with the 2 services Bundle (~$300 value). Conditions apply - click here for details.

We offer the following services:

  • SteadyOptions - Non directional options strategies like Long Straddles, Calendars, Butterflies for active traders. We always trade defined-risk strategies, never naked options. This is a high maintenance service for portfolios in $10,000-100,000 range. It aims to produce 5-7% monthly return with medium risk. 
  • Anchor Trades - Hedged strategy for long term investors. Model portfolio size: $100,000, but can be tailored for smaller portfolios. The goal is to produce positive returns in all markets and protect a long portfolio in case of severe corrections or bear markets. Very low maintenance and easy to follow.
  • Steady PutWrite - Collateralized put trade alerts on indices. Model portfolio size: $100,000, but can be tailored for smaller portfolios.The goal is to produce higher risk-adjusted returns than the underlying indices, and higher absolute returns than the strategy benchmark, PUTW (S&P 500 PutWrite Fund). Very low maintenance and easy to follow.
  • Steady Futures - systematic trendfollowing strategy utilizing futures options. The system runs every Thursday night and generates a signal before market open on Friday. The model portfolio is based on a 50K account. It is targeting to outperform the SG Trend Index

Please note that bundles have NO Free Trial and NO Refunds. All members are grandfathered at prices they sign up at.


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As of today I am a new subscriber of  Anchor/Steady Momentum yearly Bundle and separately to the yearly Pure Volatility service. I realize now that I made a mistake and should have subscribed to the All 4 Yearly Bundle with  the Steady Options plan and all it's extra benefits such as Option Net explorer software 1 year free subscription. In total I paid $1570. My question: Is it still possible to change my subscriptions to the ALL 4 Bundle if I pay the additional $925?


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