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Christof+ - RV Charts & Backtesting for Steady Options

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@Christof+ I just tried to sign up on Windows, Windows Defender flagged the site as a possible phishing site. Wanted to let you know in case you were not aware. 

Is this the correct message I should see when checking out with Stripe?

By confirming your subscription, you allow Chartaffair - Papa & Paul GmbH to charge your card for this payment and future payments in accordance with their terms. Here is the screenshot. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 4.05.10 PM.png

Edited by roadbike
added screenshot

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@roadbike Mama Mia, thanks for the heads-up!
Hm, that is interesting. I am also on Windows but do not get that message. I do not know how it came to that (you have my word that I do not execute any phishing attacks or steal your personal or financial information, other than what you enter in order to process the service).

Yes, Chartaffair - Papa & Paul GmbH is my company, I changed the name of the company a year ago because of another project.

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That's probably a good idea to check the certs. @Christof+FWIW another app I use for security displayed this message about the site 

Online Threat Prevention
chrome.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an unmatching security certificate to We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since the used certificate was issued for a different web address than the targeted one.


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Good morning, I have a question, I remember that in ART OF TRADING you could download the rvs and volatilities in csv format but I can't find a way to do it now in chartaffair. If this option is not included, can you include it? I need that data to work with different ratios.

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5 minutes ago, poseidolginko said:

Is anyone else seeing only two results for the return matrix under the "historical straddle performance" area?  Here's an example:...

This back-test on the Earnings Chart page is outdated - should have been removed. Use the one under the "BACKTEST" link on the main page


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Hello Community and @Christof+  👋

First i'd like to thank you for pulling such an amazing product online for us to help our trading with SO. this is much appreciated and great!

Now, I am sorry in advance for my newbie questions, I tried to find some answers on the Forum but I guess I will take a chance and ask them here as well.

I am starting to use especially the backtest module and I want to make sure I understand the data and heatmap correctly

Below is an example of SNAP for the last 8 cycles of earnings.



I just want to confirm i read the data correctly there looking at this specific example where I consider the straddle entry T-12 and exit T-5 for SNAP in the past 8 cycles:

  1. Does that mean we consider entering the straddle ATM (closest strike available to the underlying at that point in time) 12 days before earnings?
  2. What type of bars are you looking at to build the numbers are they hourly/daily or else type of data? I am puzzled to understand if by default we consider entering the trade at market opening or close, 12 days before earnings announcement. 
  3. Are you using again daily or more granularity to get the Avg DD and Avg Max DD figures? Or are you looking at historical intraday option pricing to have a better estimate of what the DD can actually be during a day and the trading duration? 
  4. Also, for the exit on T-5, do we consider the Close price on the day 5 days before earning? Meaning I should have exited the trade at the end of the trading hours on that day/at market closure?
  5. Finally, what would T-0 represent? is it the day before the earnings or the actually day of earnings (i bet the latter) but how this logic applies if for instance, the company reports before market open? Do we still consider T-0 the day where the earnings is announced regardless if ithe annoucement is BMO or AMC?

I apologize in advance if you had to answer these questions and if there are some posts I can consult on this front I will gladly check them out.

Again, thanks for this awesome service, the UI is neat and the plotly integration is just next level! I wish i could code something that cool! I use ib_insync as an aficionado developer and will check more of what I can do on the IB integration part to retrieve such data myself probably from a direct IB subscription. But I will keep using as it is just awesome all the elements you've put together.




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Hi Pascal,

Great you like it and really appreciate your words, thank you very much.

Yes, I am also familiar with ib_insync and do like it as well, in my opinion the best option for connecting python to IB (for example, not sure how much processing of IB data you need to do for tax purposes, but in case it can be helpful I did a quite useful 'portfolio module' in python pulling in fills and keeping track of positions).

To your questions:

1) Correct

2) All prices used for calculation, are the mid of the closing bid and offer of each respective day. Chartaffair currently is based on EOD prices.

3) Again, all is based on day end prices, so any DD does not take into account any intra-day movements

4) Again correct (self speaking, this straddle is not necessarily ATM anymore at T-5)

5) Depending on whether the announcement is before the open or after the close, I determine the actual last trading session on which the announcement is not known yet by the market. This is T=0


Let me add a word of caution as my personal perspective: 

I know those heatmaps are liked very much by the community, the reason I did them in the first place. In my humble opinion you need to be careful when drawing inference from them. Each stock has a beta component, i.e., it does move with the market. And since you keep the straddle strikes fixed, any movements caused by the market will show up as returns in the heatmap for a particular cycle (this fixing of strikes is the difference to RV charts).

Now, since you only have a couple of datapoints for each heatmap cell, chances are high that significant average returns in reality are driven by market movements which have amassed on that particular T-x just by chance. There might neither be good reasons logically nor fundamentally to expect the same market movements at the same T-x in future cycles. So concluding, those heatmap returns might be but are not necessarily connected with sustainable systematic patterns associated with that particular stock. I also need to add that over the years I have not come across convincing fundamental or market structure reasons so far why a particular T-x should consistently experience significant movements in either stock price or IV apart from the general IV increase before EAs - what SO strategies are taking advantage of. But I am willing to learn if you know one. My point is: Exercise some good amount of discretion when dealing with them.

Have fun with chartaffair!

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Hi Christof,

I signed up to your site yesterday. It's great, I'm learning how to use it! Thank you.


I just wanted to do some analysis now (in the morning European time) but as I see data hasn't been refreshed yet. It's still Mondays close data, not yesterday's.

When do you normally update your database?

It would be great to display the status of the data (last refresh time, next refresh) somewhere on your site.



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Hi @Sandor,

Welcome, great to have you aboard!

Data is up to date now.

You are right that it had not updated until about a few minutes ago. I see a socket connection issue in the logs. But all seems to be resolved.

Data is up-to-date a few hours after each sessions close. So in the morning European time you should be seeing fresh data in any case.

To display the time of the last refresh is a very good idea.

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Hi @Christof+.

It looks like the stock prices didn't get updated last night.

E.g. PDD's price is 70.97 on your site but that's Nov 15th closing price not yesterdays. Last close is 67.56.

Following up yesterday's idea on displaying the last refresh time, if you have multiple main data sources then I guess there should be last refresh time displayed for each of them on the page. 



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