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Found 2 results

  1. After booking 146% ROI in 2014, we closed 8 trades in January, producing an incredible 88% winning ratio and 16% average return per trade. Our success continues in February. Here is the list of ALL trades we closed so far in 2015: LNKD calendar: +30.0% EXPE straddle: +0.7% GMCR calendar: +6.8% VIX calendar: +10.0% RL straddle: +13.8% GOOG calendar: +33.3% FB calendar: +15.0% BABA calendar: +26.3% MSFT straddle: -2.0% SPY/TLT combo: +15.0% NFLX calendar: +10.2% RUT Iron Condor: +19.3% INTC straddle: +6.8% 13 trades. 12 winners. Overall 2015 YTD ROI: 30.9%, or 18.5% return on the whole account (based on 10% allocation per trade). That means that if you allocated 10% of your portfolio to each trade, your account would be up 18.5% just in the last 5 weeks. I know this sounds too good to be true. I know that people are tired of investment services that manipulate their numbers (you can find some examples here). However, those numbers are real. They are based on actual trades. All trades come with screenshots of broker fills. Each and every trade is archived on the forum and can be verified. In fact, many of our members did even better than the official performance. Some members books 50% gain in SNDK, 30%+ gain in INTC, 30%+ gain on YELP, 25%+ gain on AMZN, 15%+ gain on YUM etc, in addition to our official picks. At SteadyOptions, full transparency is the name of the game. No "hypothetical performance reporting", "profit potential" or other tricks. We execute all trades in our personal accounts. ALL trades are listed on the performance page. We won't ask you to email us to get the track record. We won't ask you to sign up first to get the track record from the members area. Can other newsletters show the same level of transparency? Finally, we would like to share with you the latest testimonial from one of our members: "I would definitely recommend SteadyOptions for the trader who is tired of the "double your money in a month" type of philosophy and just wants to steadily and confidently increase his account by credible and attainable figures. Kim is a great trader while also being a patient and thoughtful teacher and his forum is an invaluable source of wisdom for the serious trader that wants to learn to fish his own fish. It is refreshing to learn from a real trader, with real numbers, trading his own money as opposed to the other "traders" that "teach" for a living." It is not a coincidence that SteadyOptions is a top ranked newsletter on Investimonials. You can read all our reviews here. Why not to try us free for 10 days? You have nothing to lose - cancel before the end of the free trial and you are not billed. Start Your Free Trial
  2. Numbers don't lie. Take a look how the major indexes performed in January, and compare it to SteadyOptions performance: S&P 500: -3.1% Dow Jones: -3.7% Russell 2000: -3.3% SteadyOptions: +20.7% ROI After booking 146% ROI in 2014, we closed 8 trades in January, producing an incredible 88% winning ratio and 16% average return per trade. Click here to view the article