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Determining the quality of your social media option sources (irony)

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SO is active on Twitter and this is useful for all of us - @Kim also posts on follow-back Friday a bunch of links to other options Twitteratti which are presumably deemed serious. One of those posts under the name Options Trading IQ ( There are many posts there looking at basic options strategies and though for me most things are known, I reckoned that just based on the headlines this seemed to be a pretty decent poster on options.

Statistics play a big role in options and understanding statistics not to mention the concept of outliers and probabilities is key for anyone wanting to pretend to pontificate on options strategies. From the Twitter account of our friend OptiontradinIQ you cant really deduce anything apart from the fact they know the nomenclatura of everything quite well. Now my own Twitter feed is mainly about Brexit so the options bit in it always kind of standout because they are such a minor part of my feed. It was therefore really surprising to find the following post in my feed:


My first thought was, how did the anti-vaxx nutjob that doesnt understand statistics make her way into my Twitter feed with her crowing about dodging bullits when lots of other people got hit? Thats when I noticed it was fed into the feed by Options Trading IQ who liked the post. Now regardless of whether you want to be vaccinated or not - I believe its a matter of conscience and therefore free choice - its really rather stupid to jump up and down about how miraculous you are for having dodged COVID when this only means you are part of a statistically coherent sample where some people WILL dodge the bullit. It doesnt make her in any way special, in fact its completely normal that such persons exist.

The fact that the guy who claims to post cogently on Options then likes the post indicates that either he doesnt understand statistics - undermining the whole credibility of everything he posts - or he does and is cheerleading someone who is misguided. In neither case he shows himself to be a good resource for other option traders. There are so few ways to check online what the quality of sources are that more often than not you have to take a gamble. I lurked a full year at SO before deciding to become a member and checked out many many other places at the same time to try and conclude if this was a good place, nonsense or worse a scam. Until this incident it hadnt occurred to me to look beyond the posting pattern of a site, guru or whatever, reviews by users and finally how the place responds to criticisms (one of Kim's absolute plusses BTW). To that we can now add checking to see if you can examine the posts that such a would be guru like Options Trading IQ likes.

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