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I have recently signed up with VolatilityHQ, as it is clearly an essential tool for anyone using the Steady Options trading strategy. Unfortunately, VolatilityHQ provide no documentation on how best to use their platform. Likewise the 2 threads here where new users generally get directed, VolatilityHQ Official Thread (18 pages) and  Tools To Analyze The Earnings Trades (3 pages), I find difficult to understand & navigate.

Ideally, I feel new members need a dedicated webinar/video/walkthrough that illustrates how an experienced trader uses the platform to test potential trades. I can muddle my way through with VolatilityHQ but I am painfully aware that I am not using the platform to it's full potential. It is a case of 'I don't know what I don't know'.

I understand if I have specific questions I can ask and someone on the forums will almost certainly answer but given how critical VolatilityHQ is to our success, I believe we need something more to assist us in the beginning. Watching an experienced trader, use the platform to its full potential would be incredibly valuable, certainly to me and I suspect others.

To paraphrase, I may be in the "explain it to me like I am a golden retriever" category. I am finding the Steady Options learning curve steep and VolatilityHQ is definitely one of the more frustrating aspects for me. Having said all that I am enjoying the process immensely and I have committed a great deal of time, effort and lets face it, money to being successful in my quest to become a profitable option trader.


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This has been discussed many times, rather than rewrite it, here is one of the most recent.

This is my post but the previous posts are about what you reference, however, the thread these posts are contained in is not.

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This was in response to a similar suggestion in Anchor,  in my response I had Vhq and SO in mind.  It was frustrating at first because I wanted to go after the SO style and beat it into submission.  I guess what I'm saying is that the effort to scrape together all the meaning and knowledge, teaches you more than a handy how to manual.  But I did not feel that way in the beginning.

On 11/3/2021 at 6:57 AM, huntertw said:

Thanks for this post. It is a helpful summary of what to read. I'm still a new member and trying to absorb everything I can. It is interesting to read all the history, but can be difficult to unpack the current implementation of the various strategies. I think this is true at least across SteadyOptions and Leveraged Anchor. A few weeks (months?) in and the picture is emerging, but it has been lots of note taking, synthesizing, re-reading old and new posts, and many extra hours of looking for the key content.

My own experience trying to learn the principles and this thread made me want to suggest one idea: I think it would be helpful if there were a companion wiki site that focused on providing as updated-as-possible versions of the strategies. It appears that many of the first posts are updated like this, but the resulting conversation can be a bit confusing. Further, it seems like questions come up a lot that are explained in the initial articles, but the overall post has to be provided as a link as opposed to specific key sections. If there were a companion wiki site, articles and posts could include links to wiki articles (and wiki articles could include links to posts) to help provide further information for interested readers. Specific sections of wiki articles could be linked in answers to (what appears to be) the many repeated questions that come up over and over and over... And given the active member community, I suspect there would be lots of active contributors.

In any case and to be clear: You all are doing an awesome job and I'm really enjoying the service as is. I just wanted to share the probably not helpful idea. 🙂 Thank you again!

On 11/3/2021 at 7:51 AM, Ringandpinion said:

I felt exactly the same way when I started, but since, two things have come to mind.  By having to go over dis-jointed descriptions and updates to the present actual trade analysis and ordering, I've learned more because I had to review and internalize it all to get the answer. 


But mainly, consider the amount of man hours necessary to create and maintain such a wiki or summary topic of the goings on here.  The constant need to choose what to add, what to refer to and what to not add.  That makes my head explode.  I've had to put together many a proposal for big jobs and I would think that this one would require a team of people to start and probably two to maintain it.  That's a lot of work.

On 11/3/2021 at 8:19 AM, cwelsh said:

Thank you so much for acknowledging this....I do run a full service investment firm and three different funds (soon to be four), so maintaining that would be a nightmare.  That said I DO NEED to update the FAQ, intro threads, etc., to match what we are currently doing.  My plan right now is to actually completely re-write the above threads into one that has a post on how to start and a second post that is a FAQ format.  The third post in that thread will then be a link back to the three older threads, explaining what they are, and why its a good idea to read through them over time.

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Thanks for the response Ringandpinion. I do understand the aim of Steady Options is to teach us to fish. I also understand the barrier to entry has to be high or else everyone would be trading options successfully.

To be clear I'm not asking for a Wiki. At the rate I am going I'm pretty much building my own Wiki, between my Steady Options Notion database and my tagged Obsidian vault (below).

As I said I am painfully aware that I am not effectively leveraging the data that VolatilityHQ provides. A simple video capture with voice over could demonstrate the functionality of VolatilityHQ in a few minutes and would be easy to produce. It's just a suggestion 🙂


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7 minutes ago, ParadigmAU said:

To be clear I'm not asking for a Wiki. At the rate I am going I'm pretty much building my own Wiki, between my Steady Options Notion database and my tagged Obsidian vault (below). 

I'm not really against the idea of putting it all in an easy to read manual, though just for clarification, somebody else used the word "Wiki", I'm too old to pick up that jargon LoL.  I just wanted to point out the advantage to me, I feel, that I got from having to form my own manuals and databases.  And boy, do I have a ton of how to's in my Excel file.


The real big price for this would come to the owners of SO and Vhq, yeah, they are paid services.  But I can't imagine that creating a how to and maintaining it would not lead to increased pricing for our humble selves.  The only individuals qualified to create such manuals are the principals in both cases, it couldn't be farmed out because it is too specialized.  One could hire someone to maintain it but even then, additions would have to be approved by the principals.  So a huge workload for them.  I've put together a response to a few government contracts in my time and I think it would be an endeavor similar to that.


So, I was trying to look on the bright side, since there isn't a comprehensive "how to" manual for either service, we would learn more by creating our own and my guess is that @Kim or @Djtux would rather perform sepuku than have to do it.

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