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I try to access the website this morning and for my surprise now it is a paid service. That is ok, I consider this web service a valuable tool. The only payment method accepted is credit card and i really don't like doing cc payment through the net. Why don't you guys consider PayPal? 

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Hi @wlnoronha,

I'm sorry if it wasn't clear from the start that the website was going to be a paid service.

Keep this website free is not sustainable because of the work needed to maintain it, develop new features and pay for various cost like servers, data, etc.

Earlier this week I did put message on top of the website to announce the imminent launch, not sure if you saw it.

As for the credit card, i understand your concern : i use to collect the credit card numbers.

With stripe, the credit card numbers never touches my server (the number are sent client-side with JavaScript from your browser directly to servers).

So even my servers get hacked (i don't plan to), there is no credit card numbers stored on my servers.

I chosed stripe over paypal for various reason, but mostly because it's easy to integrate a subscription, they are a no-nonsense payment company, it is secure, and it is already used by many SAAS websites (i'm not going to list them all but Kickstarter uses them, and they recently announced a deal with Amazon).

Here is a bloomberg article about stripe :


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Stripe is a good and reliable company. There is nothing to worry about security.


Disclaimer: SteadyOptions is not affiliated with Volatilityhq in any way and does not receive any kickbacks, but we do find it very useful, and I myself just subscribed. 

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I understand that you have your costs and I think it is fairly fair you charge for your service, that I have already appointed as very useful. My other concern beyond safety is how to interrupt payments when using stripe? Automatic payment with CC are usually a pain in the neck when you decide to stop it.  I like the control over my payments that PayPal gives to me, allowing just discontinuing an automatic charge.



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You can cancel at any time from your profile (it's on the Billing url from the top of the page).

There is a "cancel" button to cancel at any time : your credit card won't be charged anymore, and you can use the website until the end of the current month.

No need to contact me to either subscribe or to cancel, you do that on the website.

I'm not like your cell phone company or cable company : think about Netflix, subscribe online, use it. Want to cancel ? No big deal, just cancel it yourself and we hope you come back at some point.

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