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The Importance of Position Sizing

What is the most important risk management tool? It's not stop loss. It's position sizing. We discussed the importance of position sizing many times. We discussed why we don't recommend putting more than 10% of your account into a single trade. But the markets provide us with more evidence every single time.

Things To Think About Before Getting Involved In Investing

There are various benefits associated with investing. It can be a great way to boost your income, providing you with financial security during a troubling time. Smart investing also comes with the possibility of long-term returns, meaning it can be better to invest your money than leave it in your regular bank account (even if you are earning interest). 

KBH Earnings Report June 22, 2022

Welcome to the ORATS earnings report where we scan for companies with upcoming earnings announcements, check out historical earnings information, and find a potential options trade.

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Know How To Trade Before Making An Investment

Everyone is searching for a way to improve their living quality. Plenty of scopes are coming to the forefront and people are grabbing the opportunities with the hope of receiving the best revenue against their investment. A share market is a place that can return the high revenue of your investment.

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