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We Are

  • We offer a combination of a high quality options trading education and actionable trade ideas.
  • We educate you about options and teach you about risk.
  • We aim for steady and consistent gains with low risk.
  • We provide mix of short and medium term trading ideas based on Implied Volatility (straddles, calendars, iron condors etc.)

We Aren't

  • We are not financial analysts. We are not stock or options gurus who guarantee that following our advice will make you millions.
  • We are not a get-rich-quick-without-efforts kind of newsletter.
  • We are not trying to predict what the markets will do next.
  • We strongly advise subscribers of this website to do their own homework and trade only what suits their risk tolerance.

How We Are Different

  • Our commitment to you: we want to make money with you, not from you.
  • We execute all trades that we share with members in our personal accounts.
  • If you lose, we lose too. When you profit, we profit too.
  • Check out our performance and see how we make money in any market.
  • We list every trade, both winners and losers, on our track record.
  • We provide complete transparency. Our performance is based on real fills.
  • The performance of the model portfolio reflects the growth of the entire account.
  • We provide a complete portfolio approach.
  • We explain every trade we make and execute all trades in our personal accounts.
  • Our first priority is capital protection - check out how small our losers are.

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"Our world needs less gurus and more teachers. Gurus are about helping themselves become successful-- Teachers are about helping others become successful."-- Joseph C. Kunz Jr.

Our Team

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Kim Klaiman - Founder and Chief Trader (See Kim's articles)

Kim has been actively involved in the financial markets since 2002, and became a full time options trader in 2012. He likes to trade variety of non-directional trades with low correlation to limit the total portfolio risk. Kim wrote over 100 articles for Seeking Alpha. He started the SteadyOptions educational forum after numerous requests from his Seeking Alpha readers, to share his experience and trading ideas. Kim holds a BSc degree in Computer Science. He lives in Toronto, Canada. Read His Story. You can follow Kim on and Twitter.
Kim is managing the SteadyOptions portfolio.
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Christopher B. Welsh - Contributor (See Chris's articles)

Christopher Welsh is a licensed investment advisor in the State of Texas and is the president of an investment firm, Lorintine Capital, LP which is a general partner of three separate private funds. He is also an attorney practicing in Dallas, Texas. Chris has been practicing since 2006 and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Working with a CFP® professional represents the highest standard of financial planning advice. He offers investment advice to his clients, both in the law practice and outside of it. Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, and a law degree from Southern Methodist University. Chris manages the Anchor Trades portfolio, the Steady Options Fund, and oversees Lorintine Capital's distressed real estate debt fund.
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Jesse R. Blom - Contributor (See Jesse's articles)

Jesse Blom is also a licensed investment advisor and Vice President of Lorintine Capital, LP. He provides investment advice to clients all over the United States and around the world. Jesse has been in financial services since 2008 and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Working with a CFP® professional represents the highest standard of financial planning advice. Jesse has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Oral Roberts University.
Jesse is managing the LC Diversified portfolio and forum, the LC Diversified Fund, as well as contributes to the Steady Condors newsletter.
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Mark Wolfinger - Guest Contributor (See Mark's articles)

Mark Wolfinger has been in the options business since 1977, when he began his career as a floor trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). Since leaving the Exchange, Mark has been giving trading seminars as well as providing individual mentoring via telephone, email and his premium Options For Rookies blog. Mark has published four books about options. His Options For Rookies book is a classic primer and a must read for every options trader. Mark holds a BS from Brooklyn College and a PhD in chemistry from Northwestern University.
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Ophir Gottlieb - Guest Contributor (See Ophir's articles)

Ophir Gottlieb is the CEO & Co-founder of Capital Market Laboratories. He contributes to Yahoo! Finance, CNNMoney, MarketWatch, Business Insider, and Reuters. Mr Gottlieb’s learning background stems from his graduate work in mathematics and measure theory at Stanford University and his time as an option market maker on the NYSE and CBOE exchange floors. He has been cited by Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall St. Journal, Dow Jones Newswire, Barron’s, Forbes, SF Chronicle, Chicago Tribune and Miami Herald and is often seen on financial television. He created and authored what was believed to be the most heavily followed option trading blog in the world for three-years.
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Steve Burns - Guest Contributor (See Steve's articles)

Steve Burns has been investing in the stock market successfully for over 20 years and has been an active trader for over 14 years. Steve took to blogging and social media by founding New Trader U in 2011. He is the author of seventeen books about the stock market. Steve has been featured as a top Darvas System trader and interviewed for the Wall Street Journal, Traders Magazine, and Michael Covel. He has also been a contributor to Traders Planet, ZenTrader, and See It Market. Steve developed eCourses and wrote books to help beginning traders survive their first year in the markets. You can follow Steve on Twitter.
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Michael C. Thomsett - Guest Contributor (See Michael's articles)

Michael C. Thomsett is a widely published author with over 80 business and investing books, including the best-selling Getting Started in Options, coming out in its 10th edition later this year. He also wrote the recently released The Mathematics of Options. Thomsett is a frequent speaker at trade shows and blogs on his website at Thomsett Guide as well as on Seeking Alpha, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
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Gavin McMaster - Guest Contributor (See Gavin's articles)

Gavin has a Masters in Applied Finance and Investment. He specializes in income trading using options, is very conservative in his style and believes patience in waiting for the best setups is the key to successful trading. He likes to focus on short volatility strategies. Gavin has written 5 books on options trading, 3 of which were bestsellers. He launched Options Trading IQ in 2010 to teach people how to trade options and eliminate all the Bullsh*t that’s out there. You can follow Gavin on Twitter.
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Henrik (The Lazy Trader) - Guest Contributor (See Henrik's articles)

Software Engineer by nature, Trader by choice. Started investing in 2010, immediately finding enormous frustrations and endless BS on the Internet. Henrik learned to focus on strategies with historical edge with special emphasis in those that don't require too much maintenance due to a demanding full time job. Henrik trades Iron Condors, Credit Spreads, Dividend Growth investing, Cash Secured Puts, Covered Calls, ETF Rotation, Forex. Henrik launched The Lazy Trader to help traders during their journey in the markets. You can follow Henrik on Twitter.
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Colibri Trader - Guest Contributor (See Colibri's articles)

Having spent the last decade trading, including two of the leading Prop Trading Houses in London, Colibri has been persistent enough to be sitting next to some of the biggest traders in the London and probably worldwide. His trading style has evolved into using mostly price action strategies for taking trading decisions. Colibri has also used order flow and market profile. Trading successfully comes down not so much to a specific trading strategy, as to great discipline. Colibri launched Colibri Trader to help aspiring traders and involve them in his trading strategies. You can follow Colibri on Twitter.
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Drew Hilleshiem - Guest Contributor (See Drew's articles)

Drew Hilleshiem is the Co-Founder and CEO of OptionAutomator, an options trading technology startup offering a free options screener that leverages Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) algorithms to force-rank relevancy of daily options opportunities against user’s individual trading criteria. Drew is passionate to help close the gap between Wall Street and Main Street with both technology and blogging. You can follow Drew via @OptionAutomator on Twitter.
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Bill Luby - Guest Contributor (See Bill's articles)

Bill is Chief Investment Officer of Luby Asset Management LLC, an investment management company in Tiburon, California. He also publishes the VIX and More blog and an investment newsletter. His research and trading interests focus on volatility, market sentiment, technical analysis, ETPs and options. Bill was previously a business strategy consultant. He can often be found running, hiking, and kayaking in Northern California. Bill has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University. You can follow Bill Twitter.