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Found 33 results

  1. NFLX announced earnings today after the close. Couple hours before the market close, I got a following trade alert from one of options sites I follow: Trade: SELL -1 IRON CONDOR NFLX 100 APR 15 520/522.5/427.5/425 CALL/PUT @.91 LMT [TO OPEN/TO OPEN/TO OPEN/TO OPEN] Trade Explanation: For the Volatility Advisory in NFLX, we are selling the Apr 427.5 puts and 520 calls and buy the Apr 425 puts and 522.5 calls for a net credit of $0.91 to open. Underlying Price: $474.22 Click here to view the article
  2. Our long term members know that we like to use few non-directional strategies to play earnings. There are few things we like about those strategies: They are predictable. They are repeatable. They are flexible. They can be used on the same stocks cycle after cycle. The following article described few stocks that we use over and over again, cycle after cycle. We said "$TSLA, $LNKD, $NFLX, $GOOG: Thank You, See You Next Cycle".Well, the Next Cycle is already here. Click here to view the article
  3. Our long term followers know that buying premium into earnings is one of our favorite strategies. I wrote about the strategy in my Seeking Alpha article Exploiting Earnings Associated Rising Volatility. IV (Implied Volatility) usually increases sharply a few days before earnings, and the increase should compensate for the negative theta. We have been using this strategy in our SteadyOptions model portfolio with great success. However, not all stocks are suitable for that strategy. Some stocks experience consistent pattern of losses when buying premium before earnings. For those stocks we are using some alternative strategies like calendars. Click here to view the article
  4. In one of my previous articles I described a study done by tastytrade, claiming that buying premium before earnings does not work. The title of the study was "We Put The Nail In The Coffin On "Buying Premium Prior To Earnings". ​I demonstrated that their study was highly flawed, for several reasons (strikes selection, stocks selection, timing etc.) It seems that they did now another study, claiming to get similar results. Click here to view the article
  5. Hello. Has anyone ever tried purchasing straddles or strangles with expirations out 2 months or more (even out to near LEAPS time frame) and doing this around earnings time for very small gains with very limited theta decay. Alternatively holding these longer dated options through the earnings announcements? Thanks.
  6. Hello again. If I am looking for good post-earnings analysis right after the company makes its earning announcement then what site(s) do you think are the best. Perhaps flyonthewall, Is it enough that if a company misses its earnings forecast then the stock will go down? Look at FNSR today. The stock went up despite missing earnings forecasts.
  7. As I write this I am pretty sure I already know the answer, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to this based on indicators like volume, OI, IV increase on just the Put or Call side, etc., and if they had any success? I know the IV crash would be a major issue with being directional anyway, but regardless knowing if anyone had any success in this area could be helpful. Thanks.
  8. Could some of the senior members and/or Kim comment on this idea? Does the IV (when it moves at all) on weeklies always outpace or at least stay even with the monthlies on the earnings trades? Could you then do the opposite of a calendar and long the weeklies and short the monthlies on an earnings trade? Take this hypothetical example: AAPL underlying @ 615 let's say its 19 July and the 27 July AAPL weekly is released. Let's say we have this made up pricing: 1. 27 July AAPL 615 Call @ $10.00 2. 27 July AAPL 615 Put @ $10.00 3. 17 Aug AAPL 615 Call @ $20.00 4. 17 Aug AAPL 615 Put @ $20.00 You would do this: long qty 2 of #1 long qty 2 of #2 (creating a straddle) short qty 1 of #3 short qty 1 of #4 I am sure the theta will kill you if you don't get an IV increase, so do this on a stock like AAPL probably would not work because of the high stock price (unless your portfolio is huge). Any thoughts on a trade that could take advantage of the greater IV increase in the weeklies? Thanks!