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Looking for an IBKR TWS tutor? lol

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Good afternoon fellow traders!

Now, of course, naturally, I am working through the tutorials that IB provides and YouTube has some good resources.

However...does anyone offer tutoring for IBKR TWS? Man o' man, I am finding that interface c-o-m-p-l-i-c-a-t-e-d!

I can't seem to figure out:
1. Simple visual risk graphs that match the underlying so that I can see my option spread's (debit vertical) current, up-to-date P/L
2. Trying to figure out bracket orders for option spreads...yeesh.

3.  A very simple way of CLOSING a trade with all the legs at once (whether it is buy to close or sell to close)
4. And btw, when I sell both the call spread and the put spread for the classic wide RUT iron condor, am I "BUYING to open" the iron condor, or am I “SELLING to open” the Rut Iron Condor. I am collecting a credit of course, am I not selling both the call and put spread to open?
My eyes go crossed when I open the TWS software. Nevertheless, I'll plug my way through!
But I would literally pay someone to accelerate my learning curve. Any takers? 
Man, this TWS is confusing. Yes, for sure the web portal is easier, but it has its own issues (for me). 
Is the mobile app any easier? 



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