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Venture Capital Opportunities

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  My firm, Lorintine Capital, has begun reviewing and selecting limited venture capital opportunities for its clients and investors.  Most of these will fall into the "smaller" realm of $1m-$10m potential investments.  Each business selected for our clients will:


1. Be something we personally are invested in;

2. Be an opportunity in which we think the risk/reward ratio is higher than normal similar opportunities; and

3. Be open only to accredited investors.


The first of these should be coming across your email in the next 1-3 days and is with a company entitled pHase Pharmaceuticals.  You should receive a one page summary of the business and opportunity, as well instructions on how to obtain more information, which is also attached to this post.


Please do not post questions about the opportunity to this thread. If there's a need for a discussion, or a lot of people email and request it, we'll setup a dedicated thread/forum for each potential investment.


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