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Learn to Leverage Your Intuition: Free eBook by Jared Tendler

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Jared Tendler, Mental Game Coach and Author, just released a free eBook, Leverage Your Intuition, as a companion piece to his latest book, The Mental Game of Trading


As Jared says in the eBook, “Intuition is a critical tool for traders. It allows you to cut through noise and self-doubt. But in order to leverage your intuition, you need to know when your intuition, or gut, is more likely to be right, or wrong. Trading with that knowledge is powerful and lucrative. It allows you to capitalize on opportunities other traders can’t see, or get out of moves that typically lead to bigger losses.” 


With that in mind, Leverage Your Intuition is a free eBook intended to make intuition within trading more recognizable, so you can cultivate it and use it effectively.  In just over 31 pages, Jared covers the reasons why intuition is hard to trust, including that for many of us listening to intuition feels like taking advice from a stranger.  He also clarifies the relationship between instinct and intuition, and talks about the role that being “in the zone” plays in cultivating intuition. 


In the eBook you will learn:


  • How to spot real intuition vs. emotions just masquerading as intuition
  • The origin of intuition within the mind
  • Strategies for producing intuition deliberately and more often


Jared tells me this material has helped many of his clients over the years and across a variety of industries.  His argument is that by leveraging your intuition you can bolster both your PnL and your confidence.  To find out for yourself, get a copy today.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation from Jared Tendler. I like his work and provide this information as a courtesy to SteadyOptions members.


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