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How to use the forum

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I'm starting this topic to help members to get the most out of the forum. It will include some useful technical tips. There is a lot of stuff here, and the forum continues to evolve all the time, so this hopefully will help new and old members.


Forum organization

The forum hierarchy is:





You need to follow a forum (by clicking "Follow this forum" button in the right upper corner of the forum page) to get notifications about all new topics in that forum. If you follow the forum, you will receive an email when a new topic is posted. For example, to get the trade notifications, you will need to follow the SteadyOptions Trades Forum:


follow trades.PNG


Now you will have to follow each topic in order to get notifications about the new posts in that topic.


follow topic.PNG


The bottom line:

Follow a forum to get notified about new topics posted on that forum. When a new topic is posted, only the first post will be sent. If you are interested to get the rest of the posts, you will need to follow the topic specifically. 

Please note that some forums are followed automatically for all new members, but you still need to follow the individual topics manually.

Forum features

  • A member has the ability to follow another member. You can follow few members that you find helpful, and you will get all content posted by those members. For example, following @Kimand @Yowsteris an alternative way to get the trade notifications for SO service. Follow @SBatch - and you will get all trade notifications for Creating Alpha service. We recommend following our contributors (who actually post trades) and mentors.
  • The New Content area shows an auto-updated stream of all content from across the community, with customizable filters.
  • A comprehensive search engine, enabling users to find content from across the community. With a wide range of filters available and the ability to drill down by content type, finding relevant content is simple.
  • @mentions: Members can notify other members by typing their name to mention them - the perfect way to ensure a member sees something they might otherwise miss. If you type an @ symbol and then start typing the name of a member, an autocomplete menu shows so you can quickly then click on the user and they'll receive a notification that they've been mentioned.
  • Automatic Saving: The editor auto-saves each and every post you write. If you accidentally navigate away from the page, your post content can be recovered, so that if you come back later you can continue right where you left off.
  • Two new Notification settings introduced: instant notifications and HTML5 browser notifications. Members can now get pop-up notifications even when not active in that window at the time.

Trade notifications

We will post a topic in the SteadyOptions Trades forum when I enter or exit a trade. If you want to get notifications about the trades, you should follow this forum (by clicking "Follow this forum" button). If you follow this forum, you will receive an email when a new topic (trade) is posted. If you want to follow that trade, you will have to follow that specific topic in order to get notifications about the new posts in that topic. I also send the notifications on Twitter, at protected account @SteadyOptions.

All trade notifications come with screenshots of our fills. This way you can see when the trade was filled, the prices of the individual legs etc.

Steady Condors, Anchor trades and Creating Alpha notifications work the same way.


Useful links and updates

On the top of the forum page, there are some useful links and updates. Those links include:

SO Open Trades (SO members only)
Daily Update
Useful Links

Any important updates will be posted in that box as well.


Tagged topics

All trades and discussion topics are tagged with the trade symbol. Below the topic, you can see the last ten topics tagged with the same symbol. This way when we trade for example AAPL, you can go directly to the last five AAPL trades. It is very helpful to see how much we paid in the previous cycles for similar trades.


Pinned topics

Each forum will have few "pinned" topics. Those are topics which are intended to be kept on the top of the forum. Active trades will always be pinned in the Trades and the Discussions forums.


Please let me know if you have any more technical tips about the forum and I will include them here.


Asking questions on the forum

SO is an educational forum, and I encourage members to ask questions. The only thing I'm asking from members is to do your homework as well. All new members, please make sure to read the Read This First forum, including all the links, Welcome to SteadyOptions and Frequently Asked Questions


We open a discussion on each trade and include a link to the relevant strategy overview topic. Please read the strategy overview before asking a question. 

Please understand that I cannot tell you what is the maximum you should pay for any specific trade. I provide guidelines about price ranges, based on backtesting and prices we paid in the previous trades. The charts in trading candidates topics in Earnings Trades Discussions forum provide prices in the previous cycles. Please make your own decisions how much you are willing to pay, based on those data points. 


Personal questions

Please understand that I'm not an investment adviser and cannot answer personal questions. I cannot tell you when to enter or exit a specific trade and at what price. I cannot tell you which strikes to use. All those questions are usually covered in the strategy overview - please read it.

Please post your questions on the forum instead of email/PM, so all members can benefit.


We encourage members to ask questions and participate in forum discussions. At the same time, some forum discussions become overwhelming. Please remember that each time you post, dozens (sometimes hundreds) of members who follow the discussion will get an email. We need to find the right balance.

Here are some tips:

  1. Before you post, ask yourself if your post really adds value. For example, if 2-3 members already posted their fills, is it really necessary to add another one, especially if it's similar?
  2. If your question is about specific setup, please double check that your setup is correct in terms of strikes/expirations etc.
  3. If you share a trade, please make sure to mention what was the setup.
  4. You can follow few members who you believe add value, without the need to follow specific topics.
  5. When you thank someone, you can use the "Like" button, which includes "Thank you" icon, instead of posting a post.
  6. If you find a post helpful, you can upvote or like it (using icons on the right bottom corner of the post).


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I am new member of SteadyOptions and have to admit that this website is nothing like anything else I have seen in the past. I know that there will be losses from time to time as this is part of any investing process, so I am not concerned about incurring a few losses here and there. I am truly impressed by the content and the pedagogic approach of Kim. Also, it truly feels like a community where everyone interacts with each other. Having the Founder not only joins the discussions but alao change his view based on some analyses provided by members is very unique. Didn’t know where to post this but had to say this.

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Suggestions for improving reader friendliness:

(1) Always include the year in the headers to posts.  "Posted September 14" is not clear.

(2) Display the date of the latest post in the Topic header. Who cares when the topic was initiated?

(3) List posts latest first. 

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On 12/18/2018 at 2:35 PM, jerrodmason said:

Suggestions for improving reader friendliness:

(1) Always include the year in the headers to posts.  "Posted September 14" is not clear.

(2) Display the date of the latest post in the Topic header. Who cares when the topic was initiated?

(3) List posts latest first. 

1. All trades and trade discussions include the month and the year of the trade.

2. When you look at list of topics, each topic has both dates (created and last post).

3. This would be very confusing. All forums I know have first post first, not latest. The latest posts are one click away.

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Thank you. I am new to SO, and I was wondering how to get the best use out of this membership. I was looking and saw this forum. Very helpful. I am used to just getting alerts from other services. This is different because I was not familiar with the contributors. I was hesitant to take a trade because I was not sure who was trading, but I am starting to get an idea. The other thing that was different is that the latest post is at the bottom. In other services when you go to the updates the latest update is at the top. I placed a trade the other day based on the top (first) post, but I was able to get out of it quickly when I understood better the forum layout. I am thankful for the information about the strategies and looking forward to profiting with you all.

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