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Launching iOS Trading App for Tradier Customers that fully caters to Steady Options Members [Free Beta Trial]

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Hi All,

I have been a Steady Options member for around 6 years now, making a steady income by incorporating the SO strategies into my own trading. However, I don’t always have access to a computer, and that has created some difficulties with following trades. I think a lot of you can emphasize. 


For this reason, I decided to build my own mobile trading software on par with current desktop platforms. I partnered up with Tradier to develop an iOS app for their subscribers: Spreadable.  It will be released in 2 weeks & listed on their website as one of the officially supported platforms. Supported devices include: iPhone, iPad, Mac (Apple Silicon), Apple Watch. 




Spreadable perfectly supports the type of trading we do here; I haven’t needed to touch the desktop software since starting to use it ˜3 months ago. Almost all of Steady Options strategies are automatically detected and can be traded as one spread from opening to closing. 


I’m now turning to the SO community to offer a free trial period and ask for your invaluable feedback regarding any usage problems or functionalities you’d like to see (more details are provided below).


To use the app, send me a message with your email and I will provide you with an invitation link and your demo login credentials. You will need to download the Apple TestFlight app and then you’re all set. 


Some of the key features:

-        Automatic Authentication Refresh: I partnered with Tradier to incorporate their automatic refresh function. You will only need to login with your Tradier account when installing the Application for the first time or other major logout events. After that refreshes are done automatically.

-        Spread management: Building options with the interactive option chain is fast and intuitive. Spreads are automatically detected and once filled they are displayed in your portfolio as the spread you created. Alternatively: if you bought legs individually or want to create your own spreads you can easily do this in the portfolio page.

-        Quick ordering: Intuitive spread builder and one click spread closing in your portfolio. The order screen is one page where everything is optimized for your fingers, like Steve Jobs always wanted J.

-        Detailed performance overview: The portfolio page already shows all the details of your positions but by tapping it you can find other info such as the estimated earnings date, open orders and performance history graph. The grouped spreads have the exact same feature.

-        Earnings Alert: Displays estimated and confirmed upcoming company earnings. Still in beta but will get it more accurate with different sources.


Coming soon:

-        Apple Silicon Mac (Coming in 2 weeks)

-        Apple Watch App: View all your positions, close your positions, update orders, cancel orders, check earnings and stock prices. (Coming in 3 weeks)

-        Notifications: Get notified when position profit/loss target is reached, order is filled, earnings is confirmed. (TBA)

-        Full Trade Performance History: View your performance per option strategy, equity and single legs. 


Video Tour:


Beta: free use until the official release 

The app is now fully functional, and I would love to get your feedback. You can use it for free until its official release. After login, you can use your Tradier account to start trading. If you encounter any bugs/crashes, layout issues with your particular iPhone size, or you’d like to see other features incorporated, leave a post in this topic or use the messaging function in the app. All functionality is also working on iPad but UI elements will be significantly improved in the full release. 


Pricing and Steady Options Discount

I will be pricing the app at 39.95 USD a month. SO members receive a 25% discount, so only 29.95. The app is used in addition with Tradier services so you will need to be a Tradier customer first. Tradier offers 10$ a month unlimited option and stock trading with their web dashboard. If you want to use the Spreadable app you would therefore be paying 29.95$ + 10$ = 39.95$ for the use of this app with unlimited stock and options trading. Around 20$ less than the TradeHawk Package. 



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Just now, equus said:

Super. Can it handle the 5 legged combo trade as a single order?

Good question, it uses the Tradier API so you would still need to trade 4+1. But once filled you can add the individual leg to the 4 legged spread combo to correctly follow its performance.

I am working on a function where you can build the 5 legged spread that we are trading now and the app would automatically seperate it in two orders. Once filled they combine in the portfolio. Same for closing. But this still needs a bit of testing so I’m sure it’s stable and working as intended.

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