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Which trading platform do you all use? I am a new member that joined recently, my broker Fidelity doesn't have 5 leg options. I don't know I need to open another account somewhere else.

Can any one respond?


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Interactive Brokers allows more than 4 legs in a single trade, I don't know about others. 

I'll always champion thinkorswim, warts and all.  But they don't allow more than 4 legs either.  However, I like leaving the higher strike short call as a separate sell on these combo trades, you can sometimes get a little better price by working the chart a little. 

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Still, one of the important factors separated from your trading fashion is the platform that you use for the trading, If you want to be successful in stock request. For harmonious trading on the web, you need a fast trading platform speed, real- time request data and accessible tools for advanced charting.

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