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Too many traders still rely on band-aids to deal with their emotions vs. actually solving the underlying problems. My plan is to bring more awareness to this issue by surveying traders from around the world to better understand the disconnect and create newsworthy facts for media coverage. At the same time, it would inform my next steps on how to best help traders and could help you gain some insight into your audience.


You can view the survey here. Keep in mind the intent is to maximize the number of traders that complete it, we’ve intentionally kept it brief.

By Jared Tendler


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2 minutes ago, TrustyJules said:

the question about what would improve my trade performance most was unanswerable

I finally just selected from the most applicable, I still believe in reading and some presentations help.  For me the question was not answerable with the possibilities provided.  I spent 45 years learning and practicing a trade and was really good at it.  What will help me most in this one is work and experience just like before.  Keep firing away and avoid stupid mistakes that end with a trip to the hospital or a zeroed account balance.  Ultimately, I'll retire from this too or at least trade in a much less active manner.  This is still pretty fun, so a day at my trading desk is a good one.

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