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55 minutes ago, ParadigmAU said:

Hopefully I can contribute more to the Steady Options community as my experience grows.

@ParadigmAU, your contribution is already incredible for someone who's been a member for just six months. I've gained many insights from your posts. There must be something in the water down-under - first we had @gf58, and now your good self. 


Oh, and.... a polite request - can you guys in Australia PLEASE stop kicking our butts at cricket. It's making us feel like a permanent fire hydrant 🙂  (stealing @Ringandpinions photo here):




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I missed a few of the latest members of the month but it’s good to see the community has expanded with some really smart people, kudos to all!. @FrankTheTank is of course a veteran and I still learn from his ideas and questions, very well deserved!

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Frank's wife comes into the bar and there Frank is, slumped over the bar, plastered.  His wife, in a fit of rage stomps over and spins his barstool around and screams "I thought you promised you would have only one drink a day for the rest of your life".  Frank hiccups and calmly replies, "yep, and I'm working on February 23rd 2037".


Thanks for all the trades, advice and help @FrankTheTank.  I owe you at least one good drunk and I'll try to explain it to your wife.

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