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@mccoyb53, not all heros wear capes. You are definitely a hero - your contributions are subtle and effective eg. "I just filled XYZ at 2.31...." and this acts as a great alert for some of us to jump in, which we do. Thank you for helping me save/make a few $$$.


Once this minor inconvenience called Covid-something-or-the-other clears, if you are ever in Heathrow, reminder me to buy you a coffee/tea etc ...okay, who am I kidding, I meant a pint of Guinness - I'm dying for one myself, and I need a guy who can appreciate it as much as I do.




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On 5/29/2021 at 3:54 PM, Kim said:

Member of the month award for May goes to @mccoyb53

May marks 5 years since @mccoyb53 joined SteadyOptions. We would like to thank you for your contribution and your long term loyalty!

Many Thanks @Kim.  I feel very much honoured and humbled to receive this award. One of the many  attractions I find with Steady Options is that I never stop learning especially when you have so many experienced and helpful people in this unique and awesome community.  

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@zxcv64. Looking forward to having the pint of Guinness. Drinks will be on me. I have a sister living in Weybribge close to Heathrow so I do get over there the odd time. If anyone makes it over to Ireland on holidays give me a shout and I will meet you for a libation or two. I live in a place called Roches Point near Cork city. Populaton 11 in the winter and over 200 in the summer.! Beer o'clock is around 5PM usually.

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