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Which value is correct extrinsic value?

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Please see attached images for details

For Bearish Put Spread = Buy Put 124 + Sell Put 120,

Math 1 from given values, referring to Premium.jpg
Current price is 121.26
Intrinsic value = 2.74
Net extrinsic value = 4.525 - 3.96 = 0.565 for 17 days

Math 2 from analyze chart, referring to Analyze.jpg
Let assume price staying at 120 all the time
For trade analysis, profit is 14.25 at 120 today but profit is 177.6 at 120 on expiration, 1.776 - 0.1425 = 1.6335,
2) 1.776 (expiration) - 0.1425 (17 days) = 1.6335 for Time decay

Questions :
1) Which one is correct extrinsic value for time decay?

2) Why are premium different between 1.6335 and 0.565 as shown above?

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance



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