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I'm trying to learn how to use the One-Cancels-All (OCA) feature for options orders in IB. Thanks to @gf58 I know that it's possible to do it in the OptionTrader window. Let's assume that I want to place only one order for a DIS calendar put. I'd be fine with strikes 105, 110 or 115. Using the Strategy Builder tab I can create a calendar order and then move it to the Quote Panel (I did it with 110 and 115 strikes). But the place to create an OCA order is in the Orders tab where I inserted the OCA Group column. Unfortunately, I only have a single leg per order here. How can I get a calendar put in the Orders tab?


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25 minutes ago, gf58 said:

@agsbAfter you've created them in the strategy builder  + added them to the quote panel click on the ask (that 1.45 or 1.50) to add a buy order for the put calendar (or click on bid for a sell order)!


Thank you! Everything works now! I guess it proves once and for all that I've never placed an order using OptionTrader despite trading options continuously on IB for the last five years.

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No probs!

My first time around with SO I did it all from the TWS tabs with generic combos but this time I've become fond of option trader. Its much quicker to bang out combos than the generic combo builder (ie. it adds a buy/sell depending on whether you click bid/ask rather than just alternating buy/sell like in generic combos). Plus I recently discovered that you can have multiple tabs in option trader (up the toop Option Chains>Add Tab) which makes managing multiple entries at the same time easier.


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