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Please find below the summary of all discounts and promotions available to SteadyOptions members and readers.

  • CMLviz Trade Machine offers ~35% discount for the Pro version ($720/year value). See details here.
  • OptionNET offers 50% for the first month and 10% discount afterwards. Members who sign up for any yearly subscription will get the ONE software for the first 6 months (~$300 value). Yearly 4 services bundle members will get the ONE software for the first 12 months (~$600 value). See full details here.
  • Tradier offers flat $40/month fee structure. See details here.
  • Volatilityhq offers 50% discount for a limited time ($600/year value). See details here.
  • All SteadyOptions members have free access to  ($468/year value).
  • OptionSlam offers a 15% discount on annual INSIDER Memberships. See details here.

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I'm often asked which tools I personally would recommend.

I believe that ONE is the most essential tool to analyze, design, monitor and backtest different trades and strategies. ONE automatically keeps track of all adjustments and commissions throughout the life of each position giving you the cummulative profit and loss figure, allowing you to concentrate on developing and then executing the best trading decisions.


CMLviz Trade Machine is an excellent tool for backtesting different strategies.

Volatilityhq is also mostly a backtesting tool, but it is more tailored to our strategies.

Those are believe are the three most useful and essential tools.

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How does Tradier work? I like the flat fee option but seems I need to connect with another platform/ broker. There are 20 options for that. I don't know which one is good. Any suggestions based on your subscribers. My objective is to save on commissions & fees and have a reasonable platform for trading options (incl futures) even on a mobile.

Please share your thoughts.


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