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PayPal billing and cancellations

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This post will discuss some of the aspects of PayPal billing.


Recurring payments, upgrades and cancellations


All PayPal payments are recurring payments. PayPal charges you every 1, 3 or 12 months, according to your subscription plan. You can upgrade your plan at any time. To do that, just cancel your current subscription 1-2 days before the renewal date and subscribe to a new term from the subscription page.


To cancel your subscription, just login to your PayPal account and cancel the SteadyOptions recurring subscription. You will have access till the end of your term (no refunds for the unused portion of the term). I hope to hear some feedback why it didn't work for you. We provide no refunds. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy for more details.


The reason why you need to cancel your PayPal subscription is that we don't have control over your PayPal account. I don't have your personal or payment information, it is stored in your PayPal accounts and we have not access to it.


Free Trial

  1. The free trial applies to new members only.
  2. The trial can only be used one time per household per service. 
  3. Multiple trial requests for the same customer will be rejected.
  4. Monthly subscriptions are available to new members only.
  5. After the trial you will automatically revert into a monthly recurring plan unless you cancel.


Maintaining your subscription


Please keep your PayPal account in a good standing. If you need to change source of funds, you can do it in your PayPal account. There could be several reasons for PayPal to skip payment:
1. Insufficient PayPal balance if PayPal is the only source of payment.
2. Denial by the bank due to insufficient funds in the bank account (or any other reason)
3. Denial by the credit company in case your credit card has been cancelled or expired.
When this happens, you will get a notice from PayPal that a payment has been skipped. PayPal will try again after 5 days. Please try to find out what happened. Contact your bank or the credit company.
After 3 failed attempts PayPal will suspend your recurring payment and your SteadyOptions account will be cancelled. To re-join, you will be treated as a new customer and pay the subscription fee currently in effect. If you are grandfathered at the old rate, you will lose that privilege. It is your responsibility to make sure that your PayPal account is in good standing and all payments are processed with no issues.


In order to avoid those issues, I recommend to have sufficient funds in the PayPal account. I also recommend to have more than one funding source (e.g., credit card and bank account). If you know that your credit card info has been changed, login to PayPal, go to "Profile/Edit or Edit Credit Card" and update the credit card info.


If you have any payment related issues, please email me and I will try to resolve it

Grandfathering members

It is our policy to grandfather members at rates they originally subscribed as long as they maintain an active subscription. This applies to individual products and bundles. If you cancel a service or a bundle and wish to re subscribe, you will pay the price in effect at the time you re subscribe.


Thank you for your cooperation,

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I started with the free trail, and then took monthly subscriptions for a couple months.

I am now checking to take a 3 month or a yearly subscription but cannot quite figure out how to do it.

Since you don't accept any new members, prices are no longer mentioned on your subscription page ? What are the prices for a 3 month and a yearly subscription ?

Now in order to upgrade there is mentioned above:

"To do that, just cancel your current subscription 1-2 days before the renewal date and subscribe to a new term from the subscription page."

If I understand it well, I have to cancel in Paypal and suscribe to a new term on the SteadyOptions subscription page, is that right ??

But on that page there is mentioned "Closed to new members".

So how exactly do I upgrade and what are the prices for that ??


Looking forward to receiving your news on this

Edited by Belgacol

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I have a separate question related to PayPal billing.

I'm currently subscribed to all 3 services using my personal PayPal account.

I have now formed a trading entity, complete with its own, separate PayPal account not.

Is there any way to get my billing switched over to the new entity PayPal account, or will I have to cancel and sign up again, potentially losing any of my grandfathered rates??

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I have been advised by one of the members that PayPal is not using recurring payments correctly.

Instead of using the payment priority established by the customer, they've been using "backup" payments (a checking account instead of a credit card for example). 

The customer support agent admitted this is a known (and somewhat frequent) issue, and that the problematic payment had been added to a "list" so that it wouldn't happen again in the future.


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