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Simple Spreads Strategy

What Is Simple Spreads ?

Simple Spreads is a strategy that is trading simple spreads like diagonals and verticals. It is designed to be simple, effective and easy to follow.

Please note that suggested portfolio size for Simple Spreads portfolio is $25,000+

Service Highlights:

  • Simple Spreads
  • Tailored for medium time traders
  • 4-6 trades per month
  • 3-5 open trades at a time
  • Targets 3-5% per month
  • $25K+ portfolios

Our strategy

The strategy is Simple Spreads through diagonals and verticals.

The Simple Spreads model portfolio will be based on total capital amount of $25,000, but it can be traded with less capital.

Simple Options is made up of two “core” trades, a leveraged covered calls (what some traders call A Poor Man’s Covered Call) and vertical spreads. Due to the higher risk of the vertical put spreads, they will make up a smaller percentage of the committed capital.

As additional risk management, large portions of the strategy will be in cash at any given time (e.g. you will never be fully invested).

Read full description here.

Why We Are Different?

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We report returns on the whole account (not return on margin).