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SteadyOptions Strategy

What Is Steady Options?

SteadyOptions is a Premium Options Trading advisory service. We offer a combination of a high quality education and actionable trade ideas. The focus of the forum is on non-directional strategies like earnings plays based on Implied Volatility, Long Straddles, Iron Condors, Calendar Spreads, Butterflies, etc.

We use portfolio approach and will have trades balancing each other in terms of the Greeks.

Please note that suggested portfolio size for SO alerts is $10,000-$100,000. We do NOT recommend trading more than $100,000 with SO alerts.

Service Highlights:

  • Non-directional strategies
  • Tailored for active traders
  • 15-20 trades per month
  • 4-6 open spreads at a time
  • Targets 5-7% per month
  • $10K-100K portfolios

Steady Options produced 121.5% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) since inception, including commissions.

Our strategies

SteadyOptions provides options education and actionable trade ideas in a complete portfolio approach. We use a limited number of non-directional defined-risk strategies:

  • Long Straddles/strangles
  • Pre-earnings calendars
  • Iron Condors
  • Calendar Spreads
  • Butterfly spreads

We discuss key elements for every trade:

  • Selection of strategy for specific stocks.
  • When is the best time to enter.
  • What is the optimal entry price.
  • Backtesting of previous cycles.
  • What is the appropriate adjustment.
  • What is the profit target.
  • Impact of Theta, Vega and Gamma.
  • How each trade fits the overall portfolio.

Our strategies have zero correlation with the stock market and are designed to make money in any market

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Why We Are Different?

We use a portfolio approach, that may include a variety of non-directional strategies. Our strategies are always defined-risk, never naked

Our performance is based on real fills. All our trade alerts come in real time with screenshots of our broker fills.

We provide a full disclosure and list all our trades on the performance page. We will never omit a trade from our track record.

We emphasize options education in a dedicated forum where every trade is discussed before it is placed. Our goal is for our members to understand the rationale behind the trades and not just blindly follow the alerts. We help members to become better traders.

We invite you to join one of the most successful options newsletters. SteadyOptions is ranked #1 out of 724 Newsletters on Investimonials, a financial product review site. Read all our reviews here. The reviewers especially mention our honesty and transparency

We report returns on the whole account (not return on margin).