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HE (Lean Hogs) Trade Discussions

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In this thread we will discuss our Lean Hogs trades. 


Symbol:  HE


Contract Size:  40,000 pounds


Price Quotation: Cents per pound


Trading Hours (CST):

  • Mon-Fri:  8:30AM-1:05PM


Our signals will give the expiration date and delta for each trade every week so you don't have to do the math when looking at quotes.  The typical exposure will be somewhere in the $500-$1000 range each week.

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Has anyone noticed that although IB will let you enter prices in 1/8 increments (e.g. 1.8125) doing so will cancel the order with a message about price doesn't conform to minimum tick size or something along those lines?


It's a bit strange to me given the CME says it's quoted in 1/8 cent "half-tick" increments, and some of the settlement prices do use those increments. Does anyone know offhand if there is a price cutoff below which the half-tick increments come into play for options pricing specifically on IB? There's no "Details" option when I right click an HE option to double check.


It could be useful to know when one could try using half-tick pricing to get a better fill without fear of having the order cancelled and having to resubmit it. A minor annoyance, but still.

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