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2 minutes ago, Jjapp said:

KC was one of those weird IB things where it stopped treating my position as a spread randomly.  I think it is just a software glitch with them but I've had it happen more than once.  I am running their linux version of TWS though so I think I sometimes see more bugs than people on other OSs.

 I started using the spreads a couple of weeks before we made the transition.  We've been trying to just let most of the old positions trade off like normal and then reposition them with spreads for the new trade.  Gold was one where it made sense to roll early just from an administrative standpoint. 


Thanks for the update! I've noticed a bunch of weird stuff with KC as well: the bid/ask spreads tend to also be really wide, etc.. I assumed some of it was because I don't have market permissions for the ICE contracts so I trade off delayed data, but maybe it's a TWS issue or simply the ICE feed/order book is not as good as some of the other exchanges.

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